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We have done extensive testing on various WordPress web hosting providers to help find the best solution for our customers.  We finally concluded that SiteGround was the best option, and here’s why.

SiteGround is one of the few WordPress hosting providers that WordPress.org officially endorses. In addition to providing you with simple-to-use tools when setting up your website, SiteGround has an environment designed to host WordPress sites of any size and type.

In the WordPress community, SiteGround is among the most well-liked and highly rated hosting companies. To make your site as quick and secure as possible, they offer special internal WordPress speed and security solutions. They are an official “WordPress” recommended hosting provider because they are renowned for providing the best 24/7 support in the business. This is another reason why we host all of our clients’ websites on SiteGround. Automatic updates, daily backups, integrated WP caching, a free CDN, a free SSL, one-click staging, and GIT version control are among the features offered by SiteGround. With 6 data centers located across the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia, they are also one of the few businesses offering location-specific hosting.  For a limited time, SiteGround is offing an 86% discount for Sinawi Web Design customers.

Ad - web hosting from siteground - crafted for easy site management. Click to learn more. Wordpress web hostingAd - web hosting from siteground - crafted for easy site management. Click to learn more. Wordpress web hosting

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SiteGround has tools that make managing WordPress sites easy: one-click install, managed updates, WP-Cli, WordPress staging and git integration. We have a very fast support team with advanced WordPress expertise available 24/7. We provide latest speed technologies that make WordPress load faster: NGINX-based caching, SSD-drives, PHP 7, CDN, HTTP/2. We proactively protect the WordPress sites from hacks.



If you’re looking to create a website, you may come across two types of hosting services: web hosting and WordPress web hosting. Although both offer hosting services, there are significant differences between them. Web hosting generally refers to all types of hosting services, including cloud hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. On the other hand, WordPress hosting is a sub-category of web hosting that is specifically optimized for WordPress websites.

Aside from optimization, WordPress hosting often includes additional features such as premium plugins that regular web hosting plans do not offer. This means that if you plan to create a WordPress website, it may be more beneficial to opt for WordPress hosting. However, it’s crucial to note that you can still host a WordPress site on regular hosting plans, depending on your preferences.

In summary, web hosting and WordPress hosting differ mainly in their optimization for WordPress websites and additional features. As such, choosing between them depends on your specific hosting needs and preferences.

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