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WordPress plugins allow you to extend the functionality of your site without having to hack your website code.  There are numerous great plugins already developed by some of the enormous WordPress community, but occasionally you need something specific for your needs.  Then the best choice is the either extend an existing plugin or build one from scratch.

We use best practices when doing WordPress plugin development by adhering to WordPress rules and Best Practices by starting our plugins with proven WordPress plugin boilerplate starter code to not reinvent the wheel and minimize development time, which makes a better and more robust plugin that’s easy to maintain.

WordPress Plugins We’ve Published at WordPress.org and Github

Fancy Grid Portfolio creates a portfolio in a nice grid format that is animated and filterable with beautiful hover overlay of project title and description.

Hipsum Pixel brings the power of two data services into a single WordPress plugin. “RandomText” grabs dummy text in either Lorem Ipsum or Gibberish format, and your choice of either LoremPixel or Placekitten gets randoms images. LoremPixel also includes multiple image categories. Hipsum Pixel let’s you format the content using HTML tags (p, ol, ul, and h1-h4). For images, you can set width and height and native WordPress classes for positioning (left, right, center).

Wordpress plugin development lorem hipsum by sinawi web design
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