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Professional and Affordable Web Design and Digital Marketing

Sinawi Web Design is a full service Web Design and Digital Marketing firm.  With over 12 years experience, we’re able to produce high quality sites that are modern and attractive in the most cost-effective way.  We use the latest technologies and modern development workflow in order to maintain high quality standards and ensure that our sites are scalable, maintainable, secure and robust.  We design unique sites that speak to your target audience and drives traffic.

Web Design

Web Design

We create custom design solutions, and for big cost savings, we provide many pre-made designs which we customize to match your branding and give it a completely unique look.  Our pre-made web designs were create with many different niches and professions in mind.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is important to connect with your customers and drive traffic to your website.  Social Media integration, CRM integration, email marketing, and SEO are some of the digital marketing services we provide to help accomplish these goals.

Support and Maintenance

We provide full website maintenance and support including WordPress updates, upgrades and backup so that your site is alway up-to-date, performs at its best, and is secure from hacking.

What Our Clients Say

Sinawi Web Design is, in short, the best web design firm I have ever worked with -- after having used several large and small web design groups in the last twenty years. Over the last two years, Laith has…read more
D'Arcy Guerin Gue - VP Industry Relations
Rating: 5
I have been using Sinawi Web Design for almost three years and have found them to be much better than other developers I have tried. They are direct, honest, and efficient.…read more
Dan Barrett - CEO
Rating: 5
Laith’s disciplined and logical approach to the work has saved us time and money. His approach to the work would mean nothing with out his ability to back it up with quality, on-time development. …read more
Matt Hoolehan - Director, Marketing Communications
Rating: 5
Laith has collaborated with us on a variety of projects where we provide design concepts and he guides us through the technical back end in order to bring the design to life in website format. …read more
Annie Headley - Director, Marketing Communications
Rating: 4
Laith works conceptually by understanding the customer’s goals first, and from there, is profoundly gifted in the logical order needed to address those goals in an efficient and effective means. …read more
Michael McNair - E-Learning Content Developer
Rating: 5
Sinawi Web Design is fast, efficient, responsive and knowledgeable. They helped us to turn our website in weeks into a demand generation engine that enabled us to reach our lead goal within just 2 months.…read more
Dr. Dominic John - VP Marketing
Rating: 5

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design means that your site adapts to all screen sizes (phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop).  If your site is not mobile-responsive, Google penalizes you by listing your competitor first in mobile search results.  We do extensive testing on all size devices during development and after deployment to make sure all our sites are mobile friendly.  Take the Google Mobile-Friendly Test to make sure your site is not being penalized.

Image of a responsive website in a laptop demonstrating Responsive Web Design with a green and brown color scheme
Image of a responsive website in a laptop demonstrating Responsive Web Design with a yellow and black color scheme

WordPress Web Design

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world. When WordPress first started, it was used mostly as a blogging platform. But over the years, it has evolved into a fully fledged CMS. WordPress has an enormous open-source and volunteer community which has resulted in thousands of themes and plugins, which allows us to build anything you can imagine in the most cost-effect way.

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