Dynamic Pricing Shopping Cart for Bullion and Coin Seller

Integrate Dynamic Pricing Shopping Cart into Existing Product Catalog Application

This dynamic pricing shopping cart was a special project that required adding a shopping cart to an existing website/application with a product catalog.  In order to minimize work of adding shopping cart capability and not disturbing existing code, I carefully injected code into the product page to add quantity input fields and checkout button. Product prices are based on spot price data feed, so prices are dynamic and are updated everything minute. Once the user enters quantities for products and clicks Checkout button, user gets redirected to another page (separate domain) where transaction is completed.

  • Manipulate page by injecting code to add column to products table. Column includes quantity input field.
  • Dynamic pricing shopping cart – latest spot prices are parsed from page (top left of page) and price basis added for each product (see image for diagram).
  • Add Buy Now button. When button is clicked, script parses page to get product list with quantities and prices, serialize data and send to processing script.
  • The processing script creates an Advanced Product String with all the product details and redirects user to a secure payment gateway, where he can enter his payment information to complete the transaction.

Technologies used: PHP, jQuery, Ajax, HTML, CSS, Shopping Cart API

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