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Laith Sinawi

Owner / Lead Web Developer

Laith Sinawi headshot

Laith brings over 12 years of experience as a developer, system administrator and entrepreneur. He has helped clients across a broad range of industries, develop custom web-based solutions that meet specific business challenges. Before beginning any project, Laith takes the time to understand the long-term goals of a client, to not only get the most out of existing web based tools, but to anticipate future needs.  Laith’s passion is his work and learning new technologies. He’s loves taking an idea or design and bringing it to life.

Site usability and user experience are the most important elements to any site. If users have a tough time navigating a site, they’ll just leave, but when a user is rewarded for a click with the information they’re looking for, a relationship begins to develop. Usability drives the success of a website, whether the business is selling on the site or using it as a marketing tool.

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